Best E-commerce Shipping Solutions in India

Shipping companies are the backbone for eCommerce businesses. Without them, there would be no way to handle online businesses successfully and cater to the needs and problems of customers. Shipping companies provide solutions to eCommerce businesses and provide end-to-end delivery options.

Here are some of the best e-commerce shipping solutions in India-

1. Shiprocket

Shiprocket is one of the largest eCommerce shipping solutions and is also one of the cheapest. This company has gained over 20,000 clients. It has been giving pickup and online shipping services to retailers since 2012. 2 lakh plus shipments are handled daily by Shiprocket.

Also, Shiprocket has a network of 8 shipping partners which includes FedEx, Aramex, DHL, Ecom Express, and more. It is done to provide automated shipping solutions to businesses who like to choose a delivery partner for every order on the basis of price, pickup or delivery region, and their preference. They can also sync orders from all channels and then ship them to one platform.

The tracking platform of Shiprocket is user-friendly and has easy to use interface on the basis of customer feedback. The dashboard provides an extensive list of analysis criteria to choose from. Also, shiprocket provides coverage for more than 29,000 pin codes and also gives cost-effective shipping solutions to its customers.

Shiprocket has four main pricing plans which are Lite, Basic, Advanced, and Pro. These plans are basically distinguished on the basis of the number of orders placed on the platform.

Features of Shiprocket-

  • Along with cost-effective shipping solutions, Shiprocket also provides reduced pickup and delivery costs. It enables online retailers to gain profits as they offer customers reasonable prices on products.
  • Another feature of Shiprocket is that it has four different plans to suit people with different needs. You can easily choose the plan that best suits their needs.
  • Furthermore, a dashboard is also available to enable both online users and customers to track package information.
  • Shiprocket offers reduced shipping costs and has increased reach. You can deliver to 29000 serviceable pin codes and 220 countries.
  • Customers can effectively track orders via SMS and Email notifications. Also, they have a white-labeled shipment tracking page to offer a superior experience to customers.
  • Next, it offers automated shipping and needs fewer efforts. Shiprocket is integrated into major channels such as Amazon, Shopify, Magento, etc. You can manage finances better with the COD and Billing Reconciliation Dashboard.
  • Undelivered is majorly reduced with NDR and RTO dashboards. Moreover, you can process huge orders just in a few clicks.

2. Shyplite

Shyplite is a one-stop shipping partner that provides you with all the needed elements. This logistics platform ships to 26000 plus pins all over India. The rates for shipping start at Rs 21/500 gms.

You can ship with 30 plus courier partners with Shyplite. Also, you can select the best one for every order with the help of an AI-backed courier allocation system. You can also integrate it with your selling platform and manage orders easily.

Shyplite offers you the option to pay as you go. You can easily make payments on orders separately without choosing a plan or subscription. There is no platform handling fee or hidden charges involved.

Next, you can easily choose from 30+ shipping services all delivered to 26000 plus locations. All of this is possible on your free account without any hassle.

It is quite easy to track packages for customers as well as you. The status of the package is updated via automated email and text notifications. Moreover, Shyplite offers hyperlocal and cross-border deliveries, easily and efficiently.

Furthermore, you can even design your shipping framework with this platform. It offers hassle-free batch processing to its clients. The robust batch processing system is designed to provide high-level accuracy and performance which saves cost and time.

You can explore brand-building opportunities and customize shipping labels, invoices, and also tracking pages. Shyplite assists you with specialized B2B shipping modes, airways, or roadways.

Features of Shyplite

  • Shyplite provides effortless part truck shipping of large orders and eCommerce shipping.
  • Your orders can be efficiently processed with multiple location pickup.
  • Next, this platform provides top-notch customer support.
  • You can easily manage business cash flow with the help of COD shipping.
  • You can activate insurance on your account to ensure high-value packages.
  • Also, unsuccessful deliveries can be taken care of with NDR management.
  • Businesses can reach their customers in 220 countries worldwide.

3. Instashipin

Instashipin has 20 plus years of expertise in shipping and has 55 years of cumulative experience. This platform provides seamless integration of creating orders and then fulfilling them. Instashipin uses high-end technology to ship orders instantly and provide simple logistic solutions.

The company offers a demo to ease out the process for their clients and customers and show you every step clearly beforehand. They use cutting-edge technology and quality service to provide top-notch shipping solutions.

Furthermore, the eCommerce deliveries in this company are managed with streamlined order syncs, approvals, and delivery flows. It just takes 3 simple steps. The first step is to request a demo. In the demo, you will see how simple it is to use. Next, tell the company about your business logic and delivery requirements. After this, the company will help you set up the account and guide you through the whole process.

Instashipin is integrated with major eCommerce and social selling platforms. You can install and connect all of your orders from one platform.

After your inspection and approval, all the pending orders flow automatically to InstaShipin. You can print dispatch labels and hand shipments upon approval.

It is so easy to track every movement of your packages on the InstaShipin interface. This platform takes ownership of the first mile, line-haul, last-mile delivery, and COD remittances too.

Features of InstaShipin-

  • This platform offers an easy shipping integration process to run shipping and fulfillment easily. No technical expertise is required to use this online store.
  • You can easily track all your orders and shipments just from one place.
  • This company has a management feature that provides tools to manage deal with complexity when your store has multiple suppliers and multiple pick-up locations.
  • Instashipin gives COD an option to improve customer experience and brand loyalty.
  • NDR controller efficiently manages undelivered shipments.
  • Next, this company keeps your customers up-to-date on orders all the time.
  • They offer both prepaid and post-paid delivery services to eCommerce businesses. Postpaid users can make payments at the end of the month against invoices raised.

4. Pickrr

Pickrr is one of the best eCommerce shipping solutions available in India. It has a top-performing business that is quickly developing and it is one of the top delivery partners in the eCommerce market.          Pickrr was started in 2015 by IIT and ISB alumni. They were had expert knowledge in logistics and technology and knew about entrepreneurship. Pickrr is famous for making fast delivery to the most reachable as well as remote parts of India.

Pickrr offers discounts on the basis of the number of orders processed by the company each month. Next, this platform handles shipping with expertise and operates as a straightforward, multi-channel order management system.

This shipping company delivers 29,000 plus pin codes all over India. The services such as professional courier picking, packing, and delivering are provided in three different timeframes- within 24 hours, 4-5 hours, and 90 minutes by the company.

This delivery service helps you transport anything from anywhere including pharmaceuticals and groceries. The delivery price remains different and it is also decided on the basis of the weight of the package. You can easily choose the time of pickup and track your package with the help of the Pickrr app.

Pickrr is committed to successfully providing solutions to its clients and so they use an artificial intelligence-based facility. You can log in to the NDR panel and you can see RTO marked shipments that have been dispatched. In addition to this, Pickrr is partnered with more than 50 channel partners which include Shopify, Bikayi, Magneto, Unicommerce, etc.

Features of Pickrr

  • Pickrr uses a pay-per-use model. It gives a chance to small businesses to expand with little investment.
  • This platform delivers worldwide. It offers businesses to business and business-to-consumer delivery.
  • Online vendors and buyers can easily track their packages which results in satisfied customers on both sides.
  • Also, the courier service home facility is offered by the platform to various locations.
  • Pickrr has NDR calling support as well as NDR management tools.
  • Services are provided at a little cost which helps online stores make huge profits. It has three pricing options so you can choose the one that suits you best.

5. iThink Logistics

iThink Logistics was launched in 2017 making it a very new company but yet it is one of the best eCommerce shipping solutions in India. This company was the first one to use AI-driven technology on its platform. This eventually lead to making the work in the supply chain much easier.

This Mumbai-based courier aggregator is known for its best e-commerce shipping services to different businesses. Currently, they are offering delivery options to over 26000 pin codes in India. 25000 plus daily shipments are processed at iThink Logistics. This company has the highest successful delivery percentage in India, 89%.

iThink Logistics got a position in Your Story’s top tech startups in 2018 just after one year of their launching. This made them one of the most talkable courier companies in E-commerce. This company offers shipping solutions at minimal costs and through one-click plugin integration.

This company has various courier platforms available for its customers and clients which include FedEx, Delhivery, Ecom, Bluedart, DHL, Xpressbees, Shadowfax, etc.

This company is a third-party logistics service provider which helps you make your eCommerce shipping process much easier than ever. In addition to this, it combines multiple logistics into one worldwide shipping platform. You can easily automate all of your operations without any platform integration fees.

Next, iThink Logistics makes sure you do not waste much time and money on choosing the best shipping solution. They even have an amazing recommendation engine that offers the best options to customers.

Furthermore, customized shipping labels, white-label tracking, and real-time WhatsApp and SMS updates increase customer loyalty. The AI-driven NDR shipping platform manages every non-delivery and resolves issues in less than 24 hours.

You can use the NDR 6 step plan to improve your workflow with this platform. It also offers weekly and Next day COD remittances. iThink Support Team gives effective communication services and the option to contact your buyers.

Features of iThink Logistics

  • AI-based courier recommendation engine.
  • It reduces RTO and reduces the shipping cost.
  • It syncs and imports orders with one click.
  • Automated shipment labels, pick lists, and GST-enabled invoices can be generated for all shipments.
  • The tracking page gives users the opportunity to improve brand loyalty and delivery experience.

So, here you have the best eCommerce shipping solutions available in the market. On basis of the features they have to offer, you can select the best one for you.

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