Ultimate Guide to Crypto Copy Trading: Make $1000 Every Day

crypto copy trading

Copy trading is when you trade the same security or commodity with the hope of making a profit by buying low and selling high.

Everyone appears to be buying and selling cryptocurrencies, and some are becoming wealthy. A lot of study, practice, and moving components are required to buy and sell cryptocurrency properly, though. Fortunately, you need not miss out as a result.

Copy trading will let you make money like the big dogs, even if you’re new to the cryptocurrency market and haven’t invested the time to learn how to trade successfully and understand the markets. We cover all the details of the copy trade in this module.

What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading allows participants in the financial markets to automatically replicate the positions opened and managed by other participants’ selections. Duplicate trading, in contrast to mirror trading, which is a practice that enables traders to copy certain trading tactics, involves linking a portion of the funds held by the copying trader to the account of the investor who is being copied.

How does copy trading work?

Crypto copy trading is a way to make guaranteed profits in the cryptocurrency market. It’s simple to do, and you can start copy trading today. Here’s how it works: You buy a recently increased value cryptocurrency and then sell it immediately for a higher price. 

The key is to find cryptocurrencies that are about to increase in value and buy them before the price increases. You can then sell them at a higher price, making a guaranteed profit. This method is called “copy trading” because you are “copying” the trades of other successful traders. There is no real risk involved, as you can always sell your cryptocurrencies anytime if you want to get out of the trade.

Why is copy trading great for newbies?

Friendly to Newbies

Is copy trading profitable in crypto? One of the first inquiries made while discussing copy trading is this one. The second consideration is whether it is “beginner-friendly.” Each of these questions may be answered with a resounding “yes!”

While the amount of money you may make with cryptocurrency copy trading primarily depends on the trader or company whose trades you choose to mirror, copy trading is often very novice-friendly. You are not required to read, learn, or even make deals. The ease of investing in cryptocurrencies is unmatched, thanks to duplicate trading.

A Method That Is Less Engaged

All of the work is done for you automatically when using one of the services listed below to copy trade cryptocurrency. Using this fully hands-off trading strategy, you may profit from the cryptocurrency markets with little work and time.

To reduce losses and maximize earnings, keep an eye on the tactics you’re replicating and make the necessary tweaks. Crypto copy trading is as hands-off as trading gets in comparison to the effort put in by the typical trader, which includes advanced analysis and constant monitoring of the markets.

Investing little

The little initial expenditure required to get started makes crypto copy trading advantageous for novice traders. In reality, several top sites for copy trading in cryptocurrencies now allow you to start copy trading and increase your brokerage account or cryptocurrency wallet with as little as $200.

Best Crypto Copy Trading Apps and Platforms

Now that the information has spread, everyone knows the answer to the issue of whether cryptocurrency copy trading is profitable. Everyone is investing in cryptocurrencies to get wealthy or earn quick cash.

However, there are an increasing number of crypto-copy trading platforms and strategies to pick from as a result of the thousands of different cryptocurrencies that are now available for trading or investing, as well as the fact that millions of people are either dabbling in cryptocurrencies or jumping in headfirst.

You still have to identify a profitable trader to copy, but we’ve already done your hard work. After conducting a thorough analysis and testing dozens of different platforms, we’ve compiled a list of the top 13 cryptocurrency copy trading platforms available.


Pionex is among the finest crypto clone trading platforms for traders with limited funds and a tight budget. Why? Because it’s completely free, of course!

Pionex offers 16 free cryptocurrency copy trading bots, allowing you to start making money before choosing your favourite trading approach. You only need to share your email address to start using Pionex’s automated trading platform to lock in gains immediately.

So, check out this platform if you’re new to cryptocurrency trading and short on time (or even money or cryptocurrency).


A well-liked social trading platform and cryptocurrency portfolio rebalancing tool is shrimpy.io, or simply shrimpy to most people. Due to its versatile selection of crypto copy trading tools and resources, it is conceivably one of the best platforms for doing so. It also has various unique features that aren’t provided by most other platforms, a user-friendly interactive user interface, and responsive customer support.

You can create your unique cryptocurrency index funds and copy trading methods using Shrimpy’s copy and social trading bots. The platform’s portfolio rebalancing tool, which can automatically rebalance your portfolio by progressively purchasing and selling crypto assets according to your risk/asset allocation level, makes it stand out from the competition.

Shrimpy collaborates with numerous major exchanges and provides trading access to all of the biggest, most well-liked cryptocurrencies of the present day, just like several other choices on this list of the greatest crypto copy trading platforms. Shrimpy is an effective tool that’s hard to top for everything it offers.


Plug-and-play Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading robots are available to customers of the 3Commas copy trading platform. Professional traders collaborate with other members of their trading community to create a supportive network of traders.

In any case, 3Commas is all about the bots. You can copy trade utilizing a variety of tactics on one of the top platforms for bot trading in the cryptocurrency market. Select the trading strategy you want to copy, and the bot will do the rest.

3Commas offers several exchanges and uses safe cold wallets to store customer funds, just like many of the greatest crypto clone trading platforms available today. Overall, they have a fine selection of bots and strategies, a user-friendly interface, and a respectable reputation – all of which are positives for less experienced traders.


For novices wishing to connect, follow, and profit from the experience of other traders, eToro is one of the finest crypto copy trading platforms. It was one of the first platforms to offer social and copy trading. The crypto copy trading platform offered by eToro delivers some of the most cutting-edge social trading features in the market. It is very original yet incredibly functional and simple to use.

Currently, the site offers over 16 cryptocurrencies in addition to equities, commodities, and FX pairs. Whether you want to trade Bitcoin, Apple stock, or gold, eToro makes it simple to connect with the biggest social trading network and find various traders and trading tactics to mimic.

You can check how frequently a major trader has been “loved” and even read comments left by other copy traders like you to dispel any doubts or concerns regarding that trader’s profitability. You can also change the risk and exposure levels on the platform, which means you won’t be entirely dependent on other traders’ actions.


Because it makes crypto copy trading simple, Bybit is the finest platform for crypto copy trading overall. With Bybit, you can easily identify traders to imitate, open and close the same deals they execute automatically, and see your cryptocurrency balance increase—all from a single, simple site.

Using the Bybit platform, principal traders can make money by letting others imitate their trades and trading techniques. They are compensated with 10% of each follower’s earnings in return. Bybit, unlike many other cryptocurrency trading platforms, brings together novice and expert traders to produce a good trading environment for all parties.

BIT/USDT, ETH/USDT, XRP/USDT, and several other incredibly liquid currencies are among the up to 15 trading pairs that Bybit now supports. As a result, trade execution and volume are rarely issues, which isn’t always the case with other platforms that aren’t on this list of the top crypto copy trading platforms.

You specify the conditions (such as your chosen leverage) for your copy orders once you’ve decided which major trader to replicate. Following the placement of a market order by those parameters by your selected principal trader, all new duplicate transactions will be initiated automatically.

Pros and cons of copy trading

Crypto copy trading is a controversial practice that some people argue is a scam. But others swear by it as a way to make a lot of money.

Here’s what you need to know about crypto copy trading before you decide whether or not to do it:


1. You can make a lot of money quickly – If you know what you’re doing, crypto copy trading can be incredibly profitable. You can make hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in just a few days.

2. Easy to learn – Unlike other forms of trading, crypto copy trading is relatively easy. All you need is some basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies and the markets.

3. Risk can be minimized – The biggest risk with crypto copy trading is that the market will go against you. But that risk can be minimized considerably if you know what you’re doing.

4. You don’t have to be an expert – Even if you don’t have a lot of experience trading cryptocurrencies, you can still copy trade successfully using the right strategies and tools.

5. It’s anonymous– Unlike other forms of trading, crypto copy trading is completely anonymous. This makes it a great choice for people who want to hide their identities.

6. You can trade on a wide range of markets – Crypto copy trading can be used to trade virtually any cryptocurrency market. This includes major exchanges like Bitfinex and Coinbase and smaller exchanges that don’t offer as many trading options.

7. It’s fast – Crypto copy trading is usually very fast-paced. You can make a lot of money in a short amount of time if you know what you’re doing.

8. It’s addictive – Once you start copying trades, it becomes difficult to stop. That’s because the more you win, the more you want to continue playing.

9. You can learn from your mistakes – If you make mistakes while copying trades, that’s okay. You can always try again later with better strategies and tactics.

10. It’s fun – Trading cryptocurrencies can be fun if you approach it correctly. And copying trades is a great way to learn about the markets and develop your trading skills. 


1. It can be risky – Like any form of trading, crypto copy trading involves risk. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could lose a lot of money quickly.

2. You may not be able to make money every day – While it’s possible to make a lot of money in a short amount of time, it’s also possible to lose all your money very quickly.

3. It cannot be easy to find good trades – If you want to be successful at crypto copy trading, you need to spot good trades quickly. This cannot be easy if you aren’t experienced in the markets.

4. It can be difficult to keep track of your portfolio – Tracking your portfolio while you’re copy trading can be difficult. That’s because the markets are constantly moving, and it can be hard to keep up.

5. You may not be able to trade all the time – If you want to be successful at crypto copy trading, you need to be able to trade all the time. That’s usually not possible for people who have normal jobs and families.

6. It can be addictive – Like any form of trading, crypto copy trading can be addictive. It can be hard to stop if you start making a lot of money.

7. You may not know what you’re doing – Even if you know how to trade cryptocurrencies, you may not know enough about the markets to make good decisions. That can lead to losses in your portfolio.

8. You may get overwhelmed – If you try to copy trade too much at once, you may lose money quickly. Instead, try copying trades gradually over time and gradually build up your portfolio.

9. You may get scammed – Anyone can get scammed with cryptocurrency trading. That’s because the markets are volatile, and many scam artists are out there.

10. It can be hard to find good resources – If you want to be successful at crypto copy trading, you need to have good resources. That includes knowledge about the markets, as well as tools and strategies for trading.

In short, crypto copy trading is a controversial but potentially profitable practice. It’s important to research before you start trading and be aware of the risks involved.

The best cryptocurrency trading bot

Choosing the finest crypto trading bot is a difficult and intimidating undertaking. There are a large number of trading bots available, and deciding which one is worthwhile can be challenging.

It would be best to first comprehend what top cryptocurrency trading bots do. As soon as they spot a chance or a pattern that predicts a price swing, they automatically trade cryptocurrencies for you. They don’t need your input but need you to set up profitable transactions for them to trade on. When choosing the best crypto trading bot, cost, usability, and risk tolerance are important aspects.

Study the plans next. Verify that there are no unforeseen costs. Select a trading platform and strategy that suit your tastes. Trade frequency and volume are important factors to consider because it is preferable to employ a higher frequency but lower volume trading strategy rather than a lower frequency but higher volume trading strategy if you want your bot to make more frequent but smaller deals.

Consequently, after learning the required procedures and conducting the necessary research, pick the appropriate crypto trading bots. One of the finest cryptocurrency trading bots is PIONEX which will serve as your one-stop shop for all things crypto.

Pionex as a Trading Platform

PIONEX is a new trading platform that promises to make trading easier. Withdrawals and deposits are both instants, and there are no hidden fees. PIONEX also has a user-friendly mobile app that makes trading on the go easy. So, if you’re looking for a reliable, user-friendly trading platform, look no further than PIONEX!

What is Pionex?

PIONEX is a new and innovative trading platform that provides users with powerful tools and features to help them succeed in the markets. PIONEX was created to make trading easier, more user-friendly and more efficient for everyone. The platform offers various features that allow traders to track assets, make trades, and manage their portfolios in one centralized location. PIONEX is also highly secure, making it the perfect platform for those looking to invest in cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

Pionex is a new cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and other digital assets. The platform offers an easy-to-use interface and a variety of features that make trading cryptocurrencies a breeze. Pionex also offers a wide range of security measures, including 2-factor authentication and a cold storage option.

How does Pionex work?

Pionex is a crypto trading platform that allows you to trade with leverage. That means you can put down a small amount of money and borrow money from the platform to trade with. This can help you make bigger profits but also comes with more risk. You could lose more than your initial investment if the market moves against you. 

Another key thing to know about Pionex is that it does not offer margin trading for fiat currencies. That means you can only buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the site, which might be fine for people just starting investing in cryptos. The interface has helpful features, including real-time pricing graphs and charts so you can quickly see what’s happening with prices. Some alerts let you know when prices reach a certain level.

What makes Pionex a unique exchange platform?

PIONEX is a unique exchange platform because of its advanced security features. The platform utilizes cutting-edge technologies, including 2-factor authentication and encrypted communication, to ensure the safety and integrity of user data.

Additionally, PIONEX offers various trading options, including CFDs and cryptocurrencies. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, traders can easily navigate the platform’s features and make informed investment decisions.

What are the benefits of using PIONEX?

Users of PIONEX benefit from a wide range of features and benefits, including:

·     Advanced security features: PIONEX utilizes cutting-edge technologies, including 2-factor authentication and encrypted communication, to ensure the safety and integrity of user data.

·     Wide range of trading options: PIONEX offers a wide range of trading options, including CFDs and cryptocurrencies. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, traders can easily navigate the platform’s features and make informed investment decisions.

·     Easy navigation: thanks to its user interface, PIONEX is easy to use for both newcomers and experienced traders.

What are the risks associated with using Pionex?

There are some inherent risks associated with using PIONEX. First and foremost, PIONEX is an exchange platform subject to volatility risk. Additionally, PIONEX does not offer customer support, so you must contact the platform’s support team for any issues or questions related to your account or trades. Finally, PIONEX is subject to potential hacks and cyber-attacks like all other exchanges.

How to Use Pionex for Crypto Currency Trading

Where to begin? Cryptocurrency has gained massive popularity over the last few years, with Bitcoin leading the pack. Many people have jumped on the bandwagon and invested in cryptocurrency, hoping to profit from it. While there are lots of strategies you can use to make money off of cryptocurrency, not all of them will bring success. 

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage these days, with many looking to invest in them. However, trading them can be daunting, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. In this module, we’ll walk you through trading cryptos using PIONEX – one of the most popular available exchanges. So, whether you’re just starting with cryptocurrencies or an experienced trader, this guide will help you get ahead.

Why Should I Use Pionex for Cryptocurrency trading?

1. Pionex is the most advanced and user-friendly platform for trading cryptocurrencies.

2. It offers features not available on other platforms, such as the ability to trade with leverage and short selling.

3. Pionex also has its internal exchange, so you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly on the platform without going through an external exchange.

4. The platform is user-friendly and easy to use, even for beginners.

5. Pionex offers a variety of tools and features that can help you make informed trading decisions, such as charts and indicators. 6. Lastly, pionex offers excellent customer service and regular updates. 

The best part? You don’t need any programming skills or special knowledge to get started! You need a secure internet connection and some time to explore our comprehensive tutorials and FAQs about trading cryptocurrency like a pro using Pionex! 

What types of cryptocurrencies can be traded on pionex?

You can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple on Pionex. To start trading, you must create an account and deposit some funds. Once you have done that, you can start trading by choosing the currency you want to buy or sell and making your trade. The price you bought is the asking price, while the price you sold is the bid price. For example, if I wanted to buy 1 BTC for $5,000 and sell it for $6,000, my order would be one BTC with a bid of $6k USD/1 BTC with an ask of USD 5k.

If someone buys my offer, I get their money, and they get the bitcoin. If someone sells me their bitcoin, they get my money, and I get their bitcoin. Remember that there are often high fees involved in selling cryptocurrencies (usually 0.25% per transaction).

How to buy Cryptocurrencies on Pionex?

If you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, Pionex is a great place to start. We offer various options for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, and our user-friendly platform makes it easy to get started.

To buy cryptocurrencies on Pionex, first register for an account. Once registered, you can explore our selection of coins and tokens available for purchase. You can also use our deposit and withdrawal features to easily transfer funds into and out of your account.

If you’re new to investing in cryptocurrencies, we recommend starting with a small investment. Over time, however, the growth potential is tremendous, so don’t be afraid to increase your stake as the opportunity arises. Thanks for considering Pionex as your go-to source for buying and selling cryptocurrencies!

How to trade Cryptocurrencies on Pionex?

If you are looking to trade cryptocurrencies on Pionex, there are a few things you need to know:

1. Make sure that you have an account and a verified account.

2. Open the trading platform and select the cryptocurrency you want to trade. You can then set your buy and sell prices and the amount of cryptocurrency you want to trade.

3. Click “start trading” and wait for the order to be filled.

What are the benefits of using Pionex for crypto trading?

Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers a variety of features for traders. These include a wide range of cryptocurrencies, a user-friendly platform, and 24/7 support. Some of the benefits of using Pionex for crypto trading include:

1. Wide Range of Cryptocurrencies: Pionex offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. This ensures that traders can access various coins and find the best investments.

2. User-Friendly Platform: The user-friendly platform makes it easy for traders to find their desired coins and make transactions. Additionally, the platform has an intuitive design that makes it easy to learn and use.

3. 24/7 Support: Pionex offers 24/7 support, which ensures that traders can always get assistance if they need it. This is an important feature for any exchange, as it ensures that traders can get the help they need when they need it.

4. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners to learn how to trade.

5. The wide range of trading options allows users to find their best strategy.

6. The platform provides a wealth of resources and tools to help traders improve their skills.

Try Not to Panic About Small Downsides

When trading cryptocurrency, it’s important not to panic about small downsides. The market always fluctuates, and what goes down will eventually come back up. Just remember to stay the course and don’t make any rash decisions. Try your best to get in tune with the market so that you can predict future fluctuations before they happen.

Don’t be too hasty when buying or selling; if you think something might dip in value soon, consider waiting a little while before pulling the trigger. It’s also good to keep an eye on social media channels such as Twitter or Reddit for price predictions from other traders and investors.

Rules for staying on top of the market

1) Diversify Your Investments – Investing 100% of your money into one crypto-currency isn’t wise because of how volatile the market can be. Spread out your investments over at least two different coins. If one coin begins plummeting in value and threatens to take everything else with it, pull out some of those funds before they go bust. And finally,

2) Start Small – Cryptocurrency may seem very risky at first glance, but if you start slow, this helps mitigate risks associated with investing later. A common mistake among new investors is believing that a large investment right off the bat would give them the most return. Not true! It would help if you built up to a larger investment gradually. Otherwise, you could risk putting all your eggs in one basket (and potentially breaking that basket). 

To minimize risk, only put enough money into cryptocurrencies to meet your current needs, equating to no more than 10% of your available income. Also, try diversifying across various coins by balancing investments between short-, medium-, and long-term trades. For example, 50% of your portfolio should consist of long-term holdings, and 30% of your portfolio should consist of mid-term holdings. For the remaining 20%, stick to short-term trades. 

3)Finally, don’t forget to practice patience! Sometimes waiting patiently for a change in prices or a breakthrough can be the key to success. No matter how much time you spend analyzing trends and researching, there will be many unpredictable events that you cannot anticipate.

However, having patience means being able to hold onto a particular coin until it achieves stability again. Of course, there are times when things never bounce back…but trust me: if you’ve done your research, then you know exactly what your exit strategy is. I’m trying to say this: even if we’ve done our due diligence and did everything we were supposed to do, sometimes our investments still go sour. Learn from the mistakes and move on…just don’t let one loss prevent us from achieving financial freedom someday!

Is Copy Trading Legal?

Copy trading is a term used to describe buying and selling securities based on information you gleaned from someone else. This type of trading is typically considered illegal because it can be used to illegally trade on confidential information. However, some legal experts believe that copy trading may not be as illegal as originally thought.

Several factors could make copy trading legal. First, if you are only using the information you have gleaned from another person to make an informed decision about security, your activity would likely be considered lawful.

Second, if you are only exchanging securities with other individuals you trust and know will not use the information you share to trade against you, your activity would also likely be considered lawful.

Finally, your activity may still be considered lawful if you act within the bounds of public disclosure laws, which generally prohibit companies and individuals from disseminating confidential information without permission.

However, some potential legal issues could still arise from copy trading. First, if you are using the information you have obtained from another person to trade in a way that is detrimental to that person’s financial interests, your behavior may be considered unlawful.

Can You Make Money Copying Trades?

Copying trades is a way to make money in the stock market. But it’s not easy to do, and there are a lot of things you need to know before you start copying trades. Here are four tips for making money copying trades:

1. Find good stocks to copy. The best stocks to copy are those that are going up in price. You’ll make more money if the stock you’re copying goes up by at least 10%. However, you don’t have to pick the most popular stocks. You can also copy stocks that are trading at a discount relative to their value.

2. Stick to well-known exchanges. When you copy a trade, you’re taking on the risk of the stock going down in price. It’s important that you choose an exchange where the stock you’re copying is traded frequently. This will minimize your risk of losing money if the stock goes down in price.

3. Make sure your technical indicators are accurate. Technical indicators help you predict whether a stock is going to go up or down in price. If your technical indicators are wrong, your copy of the trade will likely be unsuccessful.

4. Use stop losses and profit targets. Once you’ve copied a trade, it’s important to set stop losses and profit targets. This way, you’ll know when you’ve made enough money and when you need to sell the stock.

There are many things you need to keep in mind when copying trades. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to make money from trading without too much difficulty.

Is Investing in Digital Currencies Safe?

Before we dive into how to trade cryptocurrency on Pionex, let’s first address the elephant in the room – is investing in digital currencies safe? The short answer is yes, but there are certainly risks involved. Before you start trading, here are a few things to remember: Make sure your coins and tokens are stored safely. Most exchanges don’t offer protection for your assets if they’re lost or stolen.

  • Stick with trustworthy exchanges and providers who have been around for a while
  • Be careful with sending money over the internet as many hackers could be waiting to steal it from you – Get professional advice before you invest your entire portfolio in one type of asset.
  • Always use 2FA (two-factor authentication) where possible, requiring you to enter another code every time you log in to an account, making it much harder for thieves to access your funds.
  • Know what type of currency pairs are available so you can make informed decisions about which ones suit your needs best. For example, Bitcoin Cash trades against Bitcoin at BCH/BTC and USD at BCH/USD. You’ll want to look for the correct pairings when deciding which coin you want to buy
  • It’s also worth considering whether you want to buy coins or tokens; this refers to virtual goods representing a product or service the issuer offers. 

Coins are typically equivalent to company shares, whereas tokens represent food vouchers or a future financial instrument. Generally speaking, most reputable exchanges only deal in coins rather than tokens. When deciding which coin to buy, it’s essential to consider whether you want them for their speculative value or as a medium of exchange. There are loads of altcoins out there, and picking the right one could mean huge profits if its value increases significantly over time. 

However, just because the price increases don’t necessarily mean it’s a good investment. For example, Ripple shot up in value during December 2017 but plummeted soon after – holding onto your Ripple would have been risky indeed! That said, these kinds of fluctuations often present opportunities to earn substantial sums of money if you play your cards right.

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